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wasp nest removal east grinstead
East Grinstead Wasp Control £55.00

MPC Wasp nest removal provide a safe and effective wasp control service 7 days a week for the guaranteed price of £55.00. This price includes any re-treatments free of charge when required.

East Grinstead wasp control
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Wasps start to become more active around early June as the weather warms up but the queen has been hard at work since March. A wasp nest will quickly grow from a tennis ball size to a football size in a matter of weeks. A nest this size will hold over 10,000 wasps and should only be treated by a professional.

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Expert Wasp Control

East Grinstead wasp nest removal have been safely treating wasp nests for over 10 years. We are polite and on time, every time!

To find out more please feel free to give us a quick call or email.

Safely removed two nests from our lower roof space. Now we have our garden back!

Tim Malcome - East Grinstead